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Restricted entry intervals for pesticides

Under regulation 13.23 of the Health and Safety at Work (Hazardous Substances) Regulations 2017, we can set restricted entry intervals for a pesticide to protect persons from the toxic effects of a substance.

The following restricted entry intervals have been set: 

Substance nameHSNO Approval NumberRestricted Entry IntervalLink to decision document
Merivon HSR101300

Avocados - 5 days

Beans - 2 days

All other crops except onions - 12 days

Merivon (PDF)
Luna Sensation HSR100998

Stone fruit - 1 day

Luna Sensation (PDF)
Luna Privilege HSR100746 Greenhouse use on fruiting vegetables - 13 days Luna Privilege (PDF)
Meteor Rite HSR101365 1 day Meteor Rite (PDF)
Meteor HSR101023 4 days Meteor (PDF)