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Health and safety in port operations

Port environments can be loud and busy places. Workers and all other persons engaged in, or in the vicinity of, port operations need to be aware of health and safety risks present while carrying out their work.

We have produced this joint code of practice with Maritime NZ.

Code of practice for health and safety in port operations

This code of practice covers safety precautions and recommendations for the better prevention of harm, and for the wellbeing of workers and all other persons engaged in, or in the vicinity of, port operations.

Code of practice for health and safety in port operations (PDF 420 KB)

While this guidance has not been updated to reflect current work health and safety legislation (the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 and regulations), it may still contain relevant information and practices to keep workers and others healthy and safe.

Please read this guidance in conjunction with all relevant industry standards that apply to you as a PCBU. This guidance will be progressively reviewed and either updated, replaced with other guidance, or revoked.

Ports Tool

The Ports Tool is a practical, interactive online tool, created to improve health and safety in the ports sector, particularly identifying and managing critical risks.

The tool was developed in collaboration with WorkSafe New Zealand, ACC, the Ports Industry Association and New Zealand Ports.

Port environments are complex and high-risk operations. The virtual port in the Ports Tool represents key zones that many New Zealand ports have; it’s not based on one particular port operation. These key zones highlight critical risks to workers in this industry.

Ports tool(external link)

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